Veterinarijos klinikos Kaune, didmeninė prekyba šunų ir kačių maistu

Brands We Sell

Dry food for dogs and cats.

In this product group we represent two manufacturers - VAFO PRAHA s.r.o. from the Czech Republic and Champion PETFOODS LP from Canada.

Vafo Praha s.r.o. This is one of the fastest-growing, dry food for animals manufacturer. It's  twenty years working manufacturer with two modern factories, exporting products to forty five world countries. BRIT PREMIUM, BRIT CARE (superpremium), CARNILOVE (non-grain, superpremium), ASTOR (economic).

Champion PETFOODS - a manufacturer with almost forty years of experience.Their world's best-known brands are ORIJEN and ACANA. Production takes place in their own kitchens. Most of these products are exported to USA, Europe, Canada  in approximately equal parts. Orijen is selected as the best pet food  in the U.S. market three years in a row.

German company Canina vitamins and supplements for dogs and cats and other domestic animals, is one of the most famous professional manufacturers in Europe, the products are used by large kennels, police dogs, army dogs, sledge dogs. These products  are intended after complex operations, as well as having complex coat, bone, gastrointestinal tract disorders.These products main  feature is that properly appointed, you can very quickly have a desired effect.

The Canvit company is the Czech republic´s leading manufacturer of animal feed and vitamin and mineral supplements for pets. Currently the company produces CANVIT vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs, cats and other animals.

The Canvit food supplements series for healthy animals promotes health and prevents the most common health problems our pets suffer.Typical animal diseases, especially “lifestyle diseases”, are the result of improper diet, weakened immunity in critical situations, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. Using the Canvit product spectrum we are able to effectively prevent these diseases and promote health. Prevention in the form of Canvit nutritional products is an effective way to your pet enjoying a long and satisfying life.

Bio-Groom shampoos, conditioners and other grooming tools, started production after the Second World War in USA, and is currently in the top five of the world's professional animal cosmetics industry.

Natural dried snacks from India FRIGORIFICO ALLANA - this is one of the newest groups of goods which we represent in market.Snacks are produced only from buffalo meat. The company is the largest meat for human consumption exporter from India to Europe. Company production has installed the highest quality of products capable system, the European Union has issued a veterinary number.

PET KRAFT - Dried treats for dogs  manufacturer from India, specializing in dried treats made from buffalo meat. The drying process takes place completely naturally, not using any chemicals, artificial fragrances or other additives. Natural treats helps to maintain healthy and strong teeth and gums, improves chewing skills,treats are very popular. The range consists of: buffalo tripe, buffalo penis, buffalo penis wrapped in leather, buffalo ears, buffalo ears with meat, buffalo tail, buffalo lung slices, slices of buffalo heart,  slices of buffalo liver, buffalo esophagus flat, buffalo meat, chicken legs, lamb stomachs, lamb tripe, lamb's ears.

Granum - this is one of the oldest and largest, feed for birds and exotic animals producers in the Chech Republic. Granum prices are higher than the Polish analogues, but the manufacturer ofcarefully selecte raw materials suppliers.This manufacturer can be described as the expert of these products.

Kremnica Banska Spoločnost produces ZVERLIT bentonite cat litter. All litters they produce are clumping,  have excellent absorbtion characteristics, can be organic or with perfumes. In the Baltic countries is sold about sixty tones Zverlit litter per month.

Weihai Longfeng Silica Gel Co., is a company specializing in the production of silicone litter for cats. Silica gel cat litter is the ideal choice for animal care, because they have impeccable qualities unlike bentonite. Main silica gel cat litter component - silica, which has no toxins, so it is environmentally friendly. It is also chemically stable and has a porous structure inside so it absorbs really well. Moreover, silica gel cat litter pellets are light, white, not dusty, so it does not allow bacteria to multiply, that's why it is the most popular worldwide among cat breeders - in Europe, America and Japan.

Rinaldo Franco SpA - It's a big animal care and animal products for hairdressing manufacturer.

Jesenice s.r.o. Jesenice company was  established in 1996. A lot of money was invested in equipment and technology. The company is engaged in production of feed for carnivorous animals. Brand Grande. SRO Jesenice product range includes: canned food for dogs and cats. Exclusive feature of these products, is that it contains a very large quantity of high quality meat (95-98%).

VALOUR PETS GLOBAL PTE LTD Pets valor Global Pte Ltd aims to create the best food for your pet. Constantly executes new researches, develope new products and improve existing formulas. This means better nutrition and taste for your pet. Thank to all this, Nutripe has a very good taste and highest quality. The main aim of the producer is your pet's health.

Petmex Company spolka cywilna.  Natural dried delicacies from Poland.

Vector-food Krzysztof Kaniuk i Marlena Kaniuk Spolka Jawna . Natural dried delicacies from Poland.

Tiger Group Co, LTDThe Brand TIGER PET was founded in 2006. Hold an idea “SAFE, NONTOXIC, HEALTHY, ENVIRONMENTAL“ on its raw material.

Ethical Products, Inc. is a privately owned company that was established in 1952. Ethical Products is focused on providing products for dogs and cats. They market products under the SPOT brand, which includes dog and cat toys, dishes, waste management products and other dog and cat accessories. Fashion Pet division markets a complete line of dog apparel.