Veterinarijos klinikos Kaune, didmeninė prekyba šunų ir kačių maistu

Kaivana Pet Clinic

Sudden and professional assistance for animal's health will always be provided in the "Kaivana' veterinary clinics. But health can be called "good" only when it remains like that for a longer period of time.Therefore very important is the focus of the pet owner for his pet, the cultivation and maintenance of subtleties. In addition to direct therapeutic activities, our clinic tries to communicate with a small "customers" owners and educate them how to react to animals in order to prevent various health problems. We try to cooperate by providing daily pet care advices and we are taking the necessary skilled care in the diagnosis of diseases and fighting with them.

Treatment process starts with responsive and accurate diagnosis. Professional and abiding their work specialists, carry out all the necessary,advanced and informative researches. A detailed pre-analysis allows you to quickly and effectively address the cause of the disease rather than fighting the symptoms, causing only short-term improvement.

Veterinary medical team is young and inquisitive, constantly improving its expertise in various training programs. Therefore, daily activities combine traditional and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods, for multiple applications that justified their usefulness and efficiency. But most importantly, make sure the animal to avoid a collision with the disease. It is our clinics most important thing, so full attention is given advice and pet care issues. Meanwhile, the disease is fought in a complex, blocking the chance it may return or develop further.