Veterinarijos klinikos Kaune, didmeninė prekyba šunų ir kačių maistu

Our vision

Most of the zoo manufacturers that we represent is a family business companies. Business model of the family, usually chosen to direct and immediate control of the product development, manufacturing and distribution processes and have full responsibility for the delivery of goods to the uttermost parts of the world, and cities.

Therefore, we in Lithuania represent the long-term quality and business ethics tradition, handed down from generation to generation. We present that,who cannot be offered by major manufacturers: more emphasis on the customer, closer cooperation, quick response to increased customer requirements.

Companies represented by UAB "Kaivana" are relatively small, but in the market they are renowned for their long-standing reputation, which ensures perfect product quality, reliability and, of course, it's the strongest evidence - pet feeling better and having a closer relationship with the owner.

Company Yearly Revenue